Activity Park Programme


We have been working with Dover District Council & other partners for a number of years to develop the idea of a multi-use multi-facility activity park to help address the issues created through inactivity & social isolation


We have identified Connaught Park in Dover as being an ideal location for our proposals & have been actively engaging with Dover District Council to get their agreement to this.

Programme Structure

We have, with our various partners, identified that in order to allow us to show progress to you, the community, we need to split the works into a number of “modules” that we can deliver.

This delivery will most likely be sequential, though depending on funding arrangements, we may be able to deliver some or all of the parts alongside each other.

The likely order & key deliverables are

Skate Park

We have identified the top plateau in the northern corner of Connaught Park, Dover (identified on the satellite image below by the RED outline) as being the ideal location for a skate park

This will be our first priority & we are currently engaging with a number of possible design & build delivery partners to help firm up our ideas etc.

We will, of course, be engaging with the skate & scooter communities to identify the features they want but we are also very keen to incorporate lots of seating/meeting spaces as well as planting & the use of coloured materials to help it sit better in the landscape.

Childrens Play

The existing children’s play area, whilst functional is dated.  We propose to completely revitalise this are with new play equipment, including climbing & adventure play features & seating areas to allow parents to supervise/watch over their children.

Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA)

The existing hard tennis courts are currently in a state of disrepair.  We propose to completely refurbish them, including new fencing as well as markings to allow them to be used for 5-a-side & walking football, basketball, netball etc.

Hard Tennis Courts

We understand there have been discussions between DDC & The LTA to provide 4 hard tennis courts (replacing the existing grass courts) we understnad the intention is also to ensure these are configureable for Padel (a short form of tennis).

Kiosk & Toilets

In order to maximise usage of any & all new facilities in Connaught Park, we recognise the need to encourage parents to bring their children & to ensure girls & young women feel catered for.

We have therefore identified the need to firstly work with Dover District Council to refurbish the existing toilet facilities to the highest standard and then to build a kiosk/tea room where people can get drinks & refreshments & potentially provide a revenue source to support the maintenance & running of the park.

Other Considerations


We are in discussions with DDC about what level of CCTV coverage is required along with how we will light the facilities & paths to meet safety needs & to mitigate against anti-social behaviour.

We are also looking to work with Make Spaces For Girls to ensure that young women & girls are not excluded from the facilities.

We have also taken advice about diverse things like sightlines, hedge heights etc to minimise safety risks in the park.


It is important that we make the developments as accessible as possible, as well as ensuring people know how to get here.

We have included secure cycle parking in our plans & will be having conversaitons with all parties about the possibility of getting an e-bike station in the park.

We propose to work with Kent Higways to provide a safe crossing point near the park entrance, as well as appropriate signposting around town.

Further we would like to develop a safe cycle route from the park entrance to the top gate to facilitate safer access to not only Dover Castle but also Fort Burgoyne & beyond.

Other Items

Whilst not strictly within the confines of Connaught Park, we are currently engaging with the Land Trust to try to develop mountain bike trails in Coombe Hole Woods that sit between the park & Fort Burgoyne.

We are also in discussions with a potential partner about creating a “Trim Trail” around the park with an associated app so people can see how best to use it etc.

Future Activity Projects

We will be delivering a series of free skateboard coaching workshops in & around Dover in 2023 – check back on our front page to discover when & how to book

We will be looking to organise another Dover Skate Fest in 2023

We will be reaching out in the new year to community groups to understand what they want in terms of activities/leisure & exploring how we can work with them to deliver to their needs.

We recognise that much of the foregoing is aimed at the younger demographic so we are keen to provide spaces for older residents to meet, have picnics, do exercise such as tai-chi & yoga etc.